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Advising your case teams on production formats

When it comes to working with your case teams to meet document production deadlines, it helps to take a proactive approach.  Define your firm’s production format best practices based on the technology you have available. Draft a “cheat sheet” for your attorneys to take with them to discovery conferences.

Case Law Summaries or When Things Don’t Quite Workout the Way You Planned

Earlier this week, someone asked me for a list of cases or case examples that present teachable moments regarding sanctions, preservation & collection, document productions, etc.  I thought it would be useful to list a few of the websites that offer a neutral summary of recent cases as examples of what not to do in e-discovery.

Estimating & Managing Risk in E-Discovery Projects

Does your standard e-discovery project management workflow include early case assessment technology? What are some of the key concepts in explaining the value of this option that you normally share with your case teams?

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