Customized eDiscovery Specialist Training for the Law Firm and Corporation

LitWorks™, the legal training division of Document Technologies, Inc. (DTI), one of the largest national providers of electronic discovery and facilities management services to law firms and corporate legal departments, conducts customized intensive training programs on electronic discovery topics for law firms and corporations. Classes are designed for experienced litigators, first year associates, IT professionals, tenured litigation support professionals and paralegals. 

LitWorks™ customized training programs range from 3-5 days.  The method of delivery is in an on-site classroom setting.  Our experts meet with you in advance to outline and design a program that is specifically tailored to your needs. We have developed over 25 topics from which you can choose as part of your customized training program.  Courses range from basic overviews of the most critical electronic discovery topics to more advanced materials and subject matter.

The topics we cover begin with Information Governance and include electronic discovery under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 2006, proposed new amendments for 2015, updated case law under the EDRM, cost containment techniques, budgeting, vendor management, and the law firm’s in-house electronic discovery resources and processes (to be provided by the firm’s litigation support team).  The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) will be used as a framework for going into more detail on the nine phases of electronic discovery (from Complaint to Trial).  Additionally, we will also present segments on the Internet of Things, Narrowing the Scope of Electronic Discovery, Inadvertent Production of Privileged and Confidential Materials, Form of Production and BYOD, Cross Border and Multi-lingual eDiscovery cases, and Ethical Issues in Electronic Discovery.

Our instructors are: In-house General Counsel, eDiscovery Special Counsel, former litigators and various other subject matter experts. Depending on the number of attorneys and the attendee’s legal knowledge, we uniquely match our attorneys and instructors to the class demographics.  Resume and bios are provided in advance of the training. For more information, please email



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