Training Course Schedules

LitWorks™ eDiscovery and Litigation Support Professional Training

This 5-Day course provides eDiscovery and Litigation Support professionals a unique opportunity to learn industry best practices through hands-on experience, networking with other eDiscovery and Litigation Support professionals, and review software tools used in the marketplace. The class includes 3 days (M-W) of hands on curriculum training, Thursday is a self-paced day designed for students to prepare their case assessment. The final day, (Friday) students will present their case assessment in class for certification.

For customized/private group training classes, please email:

LitWorks™ Litigation Support Project Manager Training

This 3-Day course focuses on sharpening litigation support project management skills. Attendees will receive practical resources & tools such as checklists, job aides and templates they can immediately apply to their daily work as a litigation support project manager.



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