eDiscovery Boot Camp Training

 LitWorks ™ eDiscovery  Boot Camp Training

LitWorks, a subsidiary of DTI, Inc. has launched a new Certification Course designed to elevate and accelerate the Attorney, Paralegal and Litigation Support Professional’s depth and breadth of knowledge in the EDiscovery or Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”) space. What is fueling this trend? The Litigation Support space is transforming as the legal industry undergoes significant changes. The new reality involves:

  • Lower billable hours
  • Increased pressure on billable rates
  • Increased client retention at certain billable rates
  • Increasing discounts, alternative fee agreements, etc
  • Increased pressure from clients on billing for certain service (legal research) that is
    now seen as the  “Cost of doing business”
  • Billing guidelines that treat many “traditional” paralegal tasks as “administrative work” that cannot be billed.
  • Lower profitability for law firms

 As the ESI landscape continues to evolve law firms and corporations are now more than ever requiring their paralegals and litigation support professionals to become certified in ESI. In fact, the trends are now compelling law firms to have their legal professionals learn more about the technology that drives ESI, controls costs, and protects firms and clients from receiving more fines and sanctions as judges continue to hand down more rulings and opinions. Many firms believe that Paralegals and Litigation Support Professionals who do not master technology and learn to think in digital will lose their value.

This 5-Day course provides paralegals and litigation support professionals a unique opportunity to learn litigation technology. The course is designed for anyone with 5 or more years of Paralegal or Litigation Support experience. Litigation associates, document review attorneys and IT professionals are also excellent candidates for this training program. The scope of the training focuses on law firms choosing their top performers to become certified. Upon successful completion of our tests / projects and the LitWorks program, participants would be designated as eDiscovery Specialists” and become the firm’s A-Team with respect to eDiscovery work. 

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