Consulting & eDiscovery Training

Understanding best practices and qualified methods in the delivery of litigation support and electronic discovery helps your legal teams achieve winning outcomes. With the increasing demand for both quality and defensible litigation support leadership, there’s no better time to invest in your skills and the skills of your team.

The old adage, “it costs less to retain an existing employee than to hire and train a new one” is as true today as ever before. Successful organizations recognize that training and development is an investment, rather than simply an expense for which there is no value. This is especially true in law firms and corporate legal departments where projects can vary tremendously in size and scope and where basic procedures and the tools used to perform them change frequently.

LitWorks was created by litigation support professionals, for litigation support professionals. Led by industry veterans who are recognized experts in their field, our trainers share their knowledge and passion for learning with every class and every student.

Which course is right for you?

Custom Team Training

LitWorks offers a unique approach to traditional litigation support consulting through our custom team training program.

LitWorks provides a custom 3-5-Day in class room style training for you and your eDiscovery and Litigation Support team to learn and discuss industry best practices in case management, project management, electronic discovery and corporate ESI pre-discovery management. This new course is built upon our established and industry recognized LitWorks curriculum and offers you and your team the opportunity to engage in a targeted discussion of improving e-discovery project management best practices for your firm.

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